by Nicole

Welcome to my blog!

I’ve been wanting to join the online crafty community and start a blog for some time. The new year seems as good a time as ever.

I am a self-taught quilter who started crafting quilts more than ten years ago. I consider myself a modern quilter. I love to play with fabrics, patterns, textures, and color to design quilts that will not only delight the senses of sight and touch, but also make life a little cozier. I recently opened Mama Love Quilts to sell some of my creations. I hope that this blog will be a space where I can share my creative process, as well as connect with other quilters.

Please check back often as I plan to post on my works in progress and finished quilts. On occasion, I will review recently released quilting and sewing books. And from time to time, I’ll also post on my non-quilt projects, like bags or toys.

Thanks for stopping by!

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