by Nicole

Want me to teach at your sewing group or guild?

If you like attending in-person workshops with lots of hands-on sewing and one-on-one interactions with the instructor, then you’ll love my workshops! I offer workshops on modern quilting techniques that involve active participation and individualized attention in a supportive and encouraging environment. Check out the list of workshops that I offer and contact me for more information.

How to Make an Improvisational Quilt

No patterns? No templates? No problem! In this workshop, we’ll practice different free-piecing techniques used to make modern improvisational quilts. As we practice the different techniques, we’ll pay attention to the role that design elements and principles play in composition. Practicing these techniques and being aware of design elements and principles will give you a chance to be intentional and trust your instincts as you create with improvisation. You will leave the workshop with a sample of different improvisational techniques that can be used in a small project or as a springboard for a larger project.

How to Make a Modern Mystery Quilt

In this workshop, we’ll use the brown paper bag technique made popular by Denyse Schmidt to construct a modern mystery quilt. Like traditional mystery quilts, you won’t know what the quilt will look like until you are finished! To make these improvisational quilts, we’ll practice using design elements of shape, lines, values, colors, and textures and various design principles, including balance, variety, and movement to make a one-of-a-kind improvisational modern quilt. You will leave the workshop with patchwork units that can be used to make a small project or as a springboard for a larger project.

How to Make an Easy Improvisational Quilt

Do you believe in magic? In this workshop, we’ll play with “magic numbers” to make improvisational quilt blocks. The idea of “magic numbers” comes from the mathematical concept of factoring. We’ll use a set of measurements to create patchwork pieces that fit together perfectly. If you like puzzles, you’ll love working with magic numbers. Magic numbers can be an easy way to create an improvisational quilt. During the workshop, we’ll practice using design elements and principles to create the building blocks of an easy improvisational quilt. You’ll leave the workshop with a set of improvisational quilt blocks that can be used for a small project or the beginnings of a larger project.

How to Make a Big, Bold Modern Quilt

Have you ever wanted to create a big, bold modern quilt? Then this is the workshop for you! You’ll practice designing and constructing a large-scale quilt top using modern design elements and principles. We’ll take an idea for a large-scale quilt and turn it into a reality using either traditional piecing techniques or freezer-paper techniques. You’ll learn tips for selecting fabrics and color schemes, working with large pieces of fabric, and deciding on quilting options for negative space. You’ll leave the workshop with the beginnings of a big, bold modern quilt!