The Tiniest Quilt I’ve Ever Made

by Nicole

Thank you to everyone who chimed in and shared a story about passing on sewing/quilting to the next generation! Reading the stories has inspired me to pass on sewing/quilting to my girls.

I think I may have just found one way to do that โ€“ through dollhouse quilts.

For my daughter’s 5th birthday, we got her a dollhouse. Besides furniture and a family, what does every dollhouse need? A quilt, of course!

I ordered the dollhouse and furniture and while I waited for them to arrive, I started working on the quilt. I was thinking of making a broken dishes quilt, but after making one block, I knew that project would have to wait until I have ample time to spend paper piecing little HSTs. My sample block is 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ and would finish at 1″ x 1″.

Dollhouse quilt_broken dishes

With the broken dishes quilt on hold, I decided to try simple squares. These squares finish at 1/2″ x 1/2″.

Dollhouse quilt_top

The quilting took all of five minutes – a record in quilting speed for me!

Dollhouse quilt_quilting

Here it is quilted.

Dollhouse quilt_top quilted

The bed arrived just as I was finishing up the quilt. Thankfully at 5 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ it fit!

Dollhouse quilt_bed

This is the tiniest quilt that I’ve ever made. Making squares that finished at 1/2″ x 1/2″ was definitely a challenge, but worth the effort.

Dollhouse quilt_quarter

I am so smitten with this tiny quilt. I see more in the future. Hopefully I’ll have my daughter by my side helping me to craft more of these teeny quilts.

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Liz June 30, 2013 - 5:52 am

That is the most darling little quilt. I have a new dolls house downstairs in a box for miss 3 – it's just waiting for nana to arrive next Friday to unpack it. I have been imagining teeny weeny quilts! Your little binding is awesome!

Gertie Pye June 30, 2013 - 7:59 am

This is so wonderfully cute! Absolutely perfect and I'm sure your little girls will love it. I am very impressed with how straight your squares are and also the mini pinwheel! Beautiful work Nicole x

Megan June 30, 2013 - 9:22 am

That is gorgeous! And I see you have made it in what I have come to think of as your signature colours. I think we learn our love of crafting from enthusiastic people around us and it can happen at any age, but blessed are children with crafty parents.

andri. June 30, 2013 - 10:48 am

It's sooo cute!!

MB in MI June 30, 2013 - 11:37 am

So very sweet!

Paige June 30, 2013 - 11:47 am

Oh my goodness. That is very sweet and will make the dollhouse more "homey", I'm sure!

Kathy@KayakQuilting June 30, 2013 - 11:57 am

How special! I can't wait to see the tiny matching pillows you are going to make to match this cute quilt! ๐Ÿ™‚

Ellie June 30, 2013 - 1:43 pm

Love it!

Barb N June 30, 2013 - 1:50 pm

So fun!

snips June 30, 2013 - 1:53 pm

Wow this is by far the cutest quilt i have ever seen!! I love it!

Scrapatches June 30, 2013 - 1:59 pm

A lovely miniature doll house quilt. A treasure … ๐Ÿ™‚ Pat

Michรจle-Renรฉe Charbonneau June 30, 2013 - 2:31 pm

Adorable! Fab photos, Nicole!

SIMPLESEW June 30, 2013 - 2:54 pm

so sweet and cute cute

Debbie June 30, 2013 - 3:06 pm

SO sweet! And glad that it's for a bed in your house! A precious way to share your sewing with your girls!

Ada Kopitopoulou June 30, 2013 - 6:22 pm

Wonderful! So cute! Your daughter must love it!

Lorna McMahon June 30, 2013 - 8:16 pm

That is Sew Sweet! I love it!


monkeyneedle June 30, 2013 - 11:20 pm

Adorable! The perfect touch to a new doll house.

Kathleen July 1, 2013 - 12:21 am

How dinky! It must be so cute in real life – imagine doing a whole quilt in 1/2" squares GAH!

Carol July 1, 2013 - 1:47 am

Wow! What patience. Now you must make one even bigger with the same blocks. Ha! Ha!

Tamie July 1, 2013 - 3:08 am

It's wonderful.

Adrianne July 1, 2013 - 4:09 am

This is completely adorable! I'm sure it will tempt your daughter to learn with you. How did you do the binding on something that teeny tiny?

Stephanie @ Quarter Incher July 1, 2013 - 6:49 am

I agree..The binding is amazing! This is the cutest thing ever ๐Ÿ™‚

pandchintz July 1, 2013 - 8:13 am

Sooooo Cute!! Have you made an appointment with the optometrist now??!

Books_Bound July 1, 2013 - 3:08 pm

Too adorable! I assume you had to use a smaller seam allowance, or was pressing just a nightmare?

nerospost July 1, 2013 - 3:22 pm

Hi! This is the most cute quilt! I want to make one even I don't have girls or doll house. x Teje

M. E. Stephens July 1, 2013 - 8:56 pm

Wow! Good job. It looks so "real". ๐Ÿ™‚ Also it looks like those size squares would be a real challenge to work with! But, I've made doll clothes before, so I can imagine how satisfying it was to have it turn out so well in spite of the challenge. ๐Ÿ™‚

Pennie July 2, 2013 - 4:47 am

That is so gorgeously cute, beautiful colours and I love how it drapes, even when it's so small.

Lauren Deel July 2, 2013 - 11:57 am

I LOVE this! I never would have thought of it, but I'm so glad that you did! It will definitely be on my to-do list after my girls get just a tad older, and I can pull my dollhouse out of storage. Your quilt is darling!

Colette July 2, 2013 - 3:06 pm

So, so cute. I love this, why didn't I think of dolls quilts? You daughter must be thrilled, what a precious gift.

sew katie did July 2, 2013 - 3:34 pm

This is so cute and a color combo I've been collecting.

CitricSugar July 2, 2013 - 4:27 pm

I'm completely in love with it! I love tiny piecingโ€ฆ It turned out great, too. I know how hard it is to keep tiny seams straight!

mila + cuatro July 3, 2013 - 7:04 am

Amazing, and so cute, I love those colours together. Did you really put binding on something so small?

sharpie July 5, 2013 - 2:34 pm

Love love LOVE! That's one lucky doll ๐Ÿ˜‰

the momma July 5, 2013 - 2:35 pm

Ahhh! That is so cute!! My girls would love it!

amandajean July 5, 2013 - 2:42 pm

Ack!!! That is the cutest thing ever!!!

Gunilla July 5, 2013 - 3:18 pm

Really cute!

Green July 5, 2013 - 4:44 pm

Whoa! So tiny. Great job!

legato1958 July 5, 2013 - 10:03 pm

Awesome minis!! I am amazed at how cute AND small you make those things!!

Susie July 6, 2013 - 12:10 am

Amazingly small – I am not sure how you sew those tiny bits together ๐Ÿ™‚ Very cute.

RobinSue July 6, 2013 - 12:30 am

This is darling!

Caroline July 6, 2013 - 2:37 am

Your patience paid off, nicely done!

Annie July 6, 2013 - 1:29 pm

This is so gorgeous. I made a tiny quilt for a friend once, who has doll houses. It was lots of fun.

Heidi Staples July 6, 2013 - 5:32 pm

Oh my word, Nicole, this is adorable!!

Lynne July 6, 2013 - 7:26 pm

I think I need one of these at the office, to brighten my day!

Kerrie Porter July 7, 2013 - 2:59 am

How adorable!

Katy Cameron July 7, 2013 - 9:04 am

Aww, so cute!

Coffee Break Whatever September 24, 2013 - 11:02 pm

Wow. You did a terrific job! That is adorable! I would love to do one! Back in the day I probably would have, but now…I am not that great at tiny things anymore! I am planning on making doll quilts for 3 of my grand daughters for christmas…any suggestions?

jeifner December 11, 2013 - 10:09 am

My mother just asked me to make a quilt for a new dollhouse, this is charming inspiration!

Suzanne January 6, 2014 - 12:29 pm

Truly mindbogglingly wonderful! So many little bitty squares. I wonder if I could do it too. ๐Ÿ™‚

CJ June 13, 2016 - 12:20 am

Liked the quilt the colors are beautiful. I’m curious what goes inside of it? I’m a lover of crazy quilts myself and made quite a few, but nothing this small.

Nicole June 13, 2016 - 1:59 pm

Thanks, CJ! I didn’t put anything inside. It’s just the top and backing stitched together. It’s not quite as challenging as it may appear!

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